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Welcome to BSRP the world of the black sheep.

How it is to be different? Let us guide you through another world. A world where problems are opportunities, solutions and challenges. Curious?

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We don't follow the herd

BSRP started 15 years ago, when we were starting to think beyond the set standard way of working at that time.

Our deepest motivation is to think in solutions instead of making money first. Providing customers what they really need: solutions!

No-nonsense solutions

We do not promise the moon or tell fairy tales, but straightforward no-nonsense solutions against competitive pricing. We achieve this by thinking out-of-the-box.

Working with the Black Sheep

With our own herd of productions, a very experienced team of designers as creative trimmers and a management functioning as a shepherd we try to keep everything as low profile as possible. Short lines, straightforward communication and keeping everything in the safety of the sheepfold.

Our customers will automatically benefit of being part of our herd, where they experience protection and a warm environment.

Our projects

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