Developed by BSRP

The convenient storage block

for sheet materials

Our herd started to work from scratch till the final product. The result? The delivery of a beautiful new product. From the drawing board and designers to engineering, from engineering to the mould making and final production, everything was done within BSRP.




The Journey

At BSRP life also starts in a herd, so has TheSheetstand seen the light of the day in January 2019. The story began in 2013 when Marco van Ginkel ( co-owner of TheSheetstand) first discovered the warm environment of our herd. And the results? The delivery of a beautiful new product.

The Design

Easy to use and completely Ergonomic. Not only did we think about the design of the Sheetstand itself, we also looked at the bigger picture. With a subtle 50 Sheetstands on 1 pallet and distributed weight, it can be optimally stored.